Danyang Hongteng Car Plastic Factory Located close to the golden waterway of Yangtze River, south of Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and 312 National Road ago 2 hours mileage, Nanjing, one hour mileage, the Civil Aviation Changzhou Airport and 20 minutes mileage, surface and air transportation is very convenient, domestic and foreign businessmen often involved in the land. The transportation is very convenient. Is a professional manufacturer of taxi top light, taxi advertising dome. Postal vehicles dome light, the dregs car dome light. The dome of the taxi, taxis, billboards, bus handle, Subway Bus handles, moldings and other products, strong technical force, advanced production equipment.
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DanYangShi JiePaiZhen HongTeng Auto Plastic parts Factory

Address: Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, licensing industry town
Contact: Mr. Teng (Manager)
Mobile: 13775508287 18006108287 13775507308
Sales: 0511-86930535
Fax: 0511-86930535
E-mail: dyhtpj@163.com
QQ: 429234265 345544635
Website: www.dyhtpj.com
Alibaba: http://dyhtpj.cn.alibaba.com